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A few words about us...

"Greece, Dodecanese, Rhodes, Old Town, Medieval Town, Old city, Medieval City, restaurant, tavern, Greek, traditional, Mediterranean, food, cuisine"

These are but a few of the criteria which led people into visiting us (along with the promise of coming back again). Whether you have come from a friend's recommendation or simply by coincidence, let me assure you that you have arrived at the right place!

On the island of Rhodes (also called ´the island of the sun´ since ancient times, due to its calm and warm climate all year around), in the heart of the Old/Medieval Τown (declared ´Monument of World Heritage´ by UNESCO), Mama Sofia Restaurant promotes our traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine all over the world since 1967.

Get the chance of dining just meters away from the impressive ´Clock Tower´ and in case you are planning a special occasion for you and your loved ones, feel free to use our small and beautiful private sala (up to 30 people) for weddings, baptisms, birthdays and other religious / social events.

Our aim is to provide the perfect dining experience by excelling in every field, from food and wine to service and atmosphere.

After all, the recipe for our success is no secret. Quality materials, logical prices, unforgettable family atmosphere and service always with a smile. The most important factor however, is the people making all this happen. Mama Sofia and her husband Sotiris, their two sons Stavros and Giannis and their children Sotiris, Tomoko, Dimitris, Sofia and Louiza.

...and our menu

One of the main objectives which we set, when we created this restaurant, was to follow the traditional Greek / Mediterranean cuisine and spread it around the world. Loyal to its principles, and in order to ensure the best possible result, we constantly collect recipes from all around Rhodes and its neighboring islands and prepare them with fresh, pure and local ingredients.

A few examples, that we could give, include kleftiko, which is lamb fillet oven cooked within a ceramic pot at low temperature for eight hours, in order for the meat not to harden, with feta cheese, tomato and pepper, our own version of lobster spaghetti, with olive oil, fresh tomato and of course fresh lobster, free range goat from Tilos island, oven cooked at low temperature for four hours, in order for the meat to stay soft and our varieties of fresh local sea food, like limpets, wedge shells and alive clams (warty venus, smooth callista etc).

It is worth noting that we are perhaps, among the very few restaurants in Rhodes, with a truly complete vegetarian, traditional Greek cuisine. We can also provide specific selections for those following a gluten-free, or other health-oriented diets.

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  • 07 / 04 / 2015 - With great pleasure and honor we accept a  ‘2014 Certificate of Excellence’ from tripadvisor.
  • 01 / 04 / 2015 - Νew content updates in our facebook page. The updates aren't complete, so some stuff is still missing, but we will do our best to enter every bit of information you might wish to see. Press 'Like' to support us!

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We would be happy to assist you in any way we can, so do not hesitate contacting us.

(+30) 2241024469
Orfeos Str. (opposite Clock Tower) Old Town, Rhodes-Greece